Movie: Into the Wild
Actor: Emile Hirsch
Location: Salvation Mountain, Niland, CA
With: Kathy Oh, Emma Potz, Katie Coble
Photographer: Eric Goodwin

Movie: 21 & Over
Actor: Miles Teller
Location: University of Washington, Seattle, WA
With: Alexandria Kenedy, Wendy Zhao, Andy Lo
Photographer: Jack Prassas

Movie: Twilight
Actress: Kristen Stewart
Location: Yale Union, Portland, OR
Photographer: David McWilliam

Movie: Pay It Forward
Actress: Colleen Flynn
Location: St. Johns Bridge, Portland, OR
Photographer: David Huynh

Movie: Stand By Me
Actor: Wil Wheaton
Location: Brownsville, OR
Photographer: David Huynh

Movie: Animal House
Actor: Tom Hulce
Location: University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
With: Marisol Perez-Hernandez
Photographer: Sean Maxwell

Movie: The Mask
Actor: Jim Carrey
Location: 6th Street Bridge, Los Angeles, CA
With: Jane Park
Photographer: Matt Ochoa

Movie: Into the Wild
Actor: Emile Hirsch
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Photographer: Matt Ochoa

Movie: The Great Outdoors
Actor: John Candy
Location: Bass Lake, CA
With: Lou ?, Matt Ochoa
Photographer: Allen Fuqua

Movie: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Actor: Leonard Nimoy
Location: Monterey Bay Aquarium, Monterey, CA
With: Carolyn Fuqua-Givens
Photographer: Kenneth Maguire